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Jordan Spieth won the Tour Championship by Coca Cola by four strokes.  The following FedEx Contest players are the winners in this year's contest:

Place Contestant City State $ Won Payout
1 Andy Jacobson Woodbury MN 6,313,940 $303
2 Calvin Varney Concord NH 6,188,214 182
3 Ed Hribar Edina MN 5,956,281 114
4 Susan Knight Clearwater FL 5,948,022 81
5 Andy Montgomery Sr. Eden Prairie MN 5,879,335 67
6 Ed Wahl Goodyear AZ 5,745,654 61
7 Mike Hamm Urbandale IA 5,659,490 56
8 Roger Mulligan Dunedin FL 5,624,823 52
9 Connie Eberline Oskaloosa IA 5,512,595 49
10 Joe McGahan Concord NH 5,495,759 45
Total Payout $1,010

We will not mail the winners' checks until later this week.  That will give you time to let us know if you see any problems with your picks or the standings.


We have 101 people playing the FedEx Contest this year.  We will pay the top ten finishers at the end of the contest.

Follow the FedEx Contest Events button at the top of this page to see the events in this year's contest.  From there you can see the golfers who made money for each of those events and the golfers who were picked by each contestant.

Click on the FedEx Contest Standings button to see all the people who are entered in the contest and how much prize money they have collected thus far.