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The U-PICK-EM FedEx Contest has been updated with the results from the Tour Championship.  Click on the FedEx Contest button at the top of this page to see the results and standings.



Congratulations to Kate Dwyer, this year's U-PICK-EM Albuquerque Champion.  She finished just out of the money on the regular U-PICK-EM Contest but took the prize as the top finisher in the Albuquerque group.

These folks from Albuquerque take U-PICK-EM seriously and this is a high stakes game.  They all pitch in $5 at the beginning of the year and they split the pot between the first and second place winners at the end of the year.

Note the very handsome award plaque in the photograph.  It says U-PICK-EM Albuquerque Champion and Kate's name is engraved as the third winner.

Sandy Kruse, in the back row towards the left, is the one who got U-PICK-EM started in Albuquerque.  She is good golfer and was a club champion when she played more seriously.  She started playing U-PICK-EM in 2004 and has gotten more and more people to play it over the years.  It looks like they have a really fun group.

And by the way, we have a gathering of the Phoenix Southeast Valley U-PICK-EM players every year.  And since the Commissioners are from Minnesota, the top finisher in that group always gets a highly coveted can of Spam, from Hormel Foods in Austin MN.



We've finished the final event and following are the winners of this year's contest.  Congratulations to Troy Cody of Fargo ND who took the big prize and to all of this years winners.  Checks will be mailed later this week.

Place Contestant City State $ Won Payout
1 Troy Cody Fargo ND 11,041,227 $965
2 Benjamin Jurken Milwaukee WI 8,124,477 579
3 Gregory Line Hudson WI 7,956,847 364
4 Rick Thompson Ames IA 7,920,147 257
5 Ardean Arndt Lincoln NE 7,269,973 214
6 Matt Krinke Brooklyn Park MN 7,269,227 193
7 Kelly Moxley Stafford VA 7,133,260 180
8 Bella Candler Charlotte NC 7,107,815 166
9 Patty Risler Las Vegas NV 6,938,613 155
10 Roger Mulligan Dunedin FL 6,762,280 145
11 Colin Higgins Sykesville MD 6,644,529 134
12 Don Halva New Brighton MN 6,579,315 123
13 Joe McGahan Concord NH 6,518,746 113
14 Tom Berning Willmar MN 6,474,977 102
15 Greg Tokash Gilbert AZ 6,443,715 96
16 JoAnn Kartak New Prague MN 6,431,704 91
17 Cookie Olson Apple Valley MN 6,418,449 86
18 Al Baumgartner New Brighton MN 6,248,002 80
19 Bill VanBenthuysen Edina MN 6,128,570 75
20 J.P. Lucas New Brighton MN 6,093,592 70
21 Eric Amann Albert Lea MN 6,087,757 64
22 Chris Woods Edina MN 6,064,770 60
23 Doris Hamm Urbandale IA 6,060,472 56
24 Sharon Graham Sun Lakes AZ 6,057,728 51
25 Jan Marks Elk River MN 6,038,684 47
26 Chase Belka Perham MN 6,030,750 43
27 Van Vanyo Richfield MN 5,983,583 41
28 Joe Vaughan Woodbury MN 5,946,380 40
29 Joe Jacobson St. Paul MN 5,939,155 39
30 Marlene Huettl Clive IA 5,938,067 37
Total Payout $4,666



Justin Thomas made some fantastic putts on the last nine holes to win the PGA Championship by two strokes.  His win was worth $1,890,000 for the following people who picked him for this event:

Ronald Cox Sun Lakes AZ
Cathy Klick Albert Lea MN
Brian Law Des Moines IA
Skip Speece Washington IA

We have 317 contestants playing in the 2017 U-PICK-EM contest.  As always, please let us know if you see anything wrong with your picks, the results, or the Web page.



The U-PICK-EM Majors Contest has been updated with the results from the PGA Championship.  Click on the Majors Contest button at the top of this page to see the results and standings.



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Click on the U-PICK-EM History button at the top of this page to see some interesting history on the U-PICK-EM contest.  Mrs. and Mr. Commissioner have been commissioners since 1995 and our records go back to 1997.  Follow the U-PICK-EM History link to see who won each year and how much they won.



2017 U-PICK-EM

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