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Here are the top ten in the standings after British Open Championship:

Place Contestant City State $ Won
1 Skip Williamson Lakeland FL 6,126,316
2 Clark Morrow Albuquerque NM 5,991,123
3 Chris Lefever Hermitage TN 5,990,944
4 Marty Lass Chaska MN 5,459,360
5 Bob Moren Madison WI 5,120,274
6 John Winkes Sun Lakes AZ 4,928,882
7 Andy Montgomery Sr. Eden Prairie MN 4,924,749
8 Ryan Kelly Colorado Springs CO 4,910,583
9 Devin McGahan Manchester NH 4,807,006
10 Malcolm Calbert Madison WI 4,798,204

We have 148 people playing in the U-PICK-EM Majors Contest this year.  Please let us know if you see any problems with your picks or the results.

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